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Welcome to My Online Personnel – 

I am here to help you run your online business better! Not all online companies can cover all aspects of their business. I specialize in Customer Services so that you are able to spend your valuable time growing your business. Giving you time to grow it by sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, and selling your new products. I can not only cover all your basic personnel needs but also help reach out to clients to provide a personal and professional customer service experience.

I can offer different customer service options and packages to cover your business customer service needs, meaning you can use your time more efficiently to expand your company.


Software can do a lot of the leg work for you in many aspects of your Amazon business. However, Customer Services with a human approach will always provide your buyers with better service! With over 20 years of consumer customer service experience and over 6 years working with successful Amazon FBA businesses, I provide a great service and offer great knowledge in the Amazon Market place As well as any other small business in need of customer service personnel.