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The great thing about working with so many Amazon sellers is I get to hear about courses that are not so good, pretty average and just outright EXCELLENT!!

Daniel on stage

Speaking to clients over the last 12 months 3 of them have joined the course below. And so I wanted to share  it with you regardless of if you use my services or not. The reasons given for why it is so different for them are listed below.

  • It isn’t your average “guru” who shows you how to pick products on Amazon!
  • This course can be applied to any business structure, not just an Amazon business.
  • This course shows you how to put proper business structures in place.
  • Daniel shows you how to SCALE with proper SOPs for workers to follow.
  • This course comes with almost 30 hours of videos on PPC alone. This saved one client $800 per month on PPC management fees.
  • With what was learned on shipping from China the cost of the course was recouped in freight fees after 6 months.
  • Learn how to hire and manage a team.
  • Get a proper grasp on your cashflow.
  • Learn how to read your data in a structured fashion.

Having had access to this course thru my clients I honestly need to say this. If you buy things and want to flick thru them, if you only go half hearted at new things, if you don’t have time to learn, then this course is NOT for you.

If however you are wanting to take your business to the next level. Scale, grow, new structures and proper tasks for current or soon to be employees then this is the course for you. Check it out using the link below.