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5* Fiverr Review

“I hired Donna to assist with our customer services emails. Donna has now become a part of our team doing a regular couple of hours per week. We only wish we had more work to make it a more permanent position. So good to have a native English speaker/writer on the team.”

Verified Fiverr Review

Fiverr Review

“I have been working with Donna for over two years while she helped manage my companies FBA Amazon customer service. This included answering our customer reviews and replying to buyer messages and emails. Donna was reliable and efficient and I would highly recommend!” Olivia dunn.

Olivia Dunn

Verified Fiverr Review

Simply the best

Our company started alongside Donna and we have both grown together. We started our Amazon business back in 2016 and Donna quickly came onboard as we hated doing customer services. We found ourselves too emotionally attached to the products which made it hard to be logical when it came to making decisions or defending ourselves when somebody left a bad review. If you have not outsourced any part of your business yet, then I would strongly suggest this as your first stop.

Pete & Tom

Amazon FBA Owners